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29.02.2012 - New posters are online

This time: many Horror/SciFi titles but lots more:

The Polish original for Cabaret, a stunning 1st German release poster for Hallelujah! (1929), a large German for Bird of Paradise (1932), and German posters for titles like: Girl in the Bikini (Bardot 1952), An American In Paris (1951), Thomas Crown Affair, Apocalypse Now (rare style), Querelle German Premiere unfolded

Several rare James Bond:
A View to a Kill withdrawn UK 1sheet, Goldfinger 1sh US 1sh, Casino Royale Japanese, On her Majesty.. rare German styles, You only Live Twice German A0 advance, Spy who Loved me rare German Seiko photo style lot.

Some great Japanese posters:
Mr. Hulot’s Holiday (Tati) 2panel, Play Time, Vivre sa Vie 2panel, Pierrot Le Fou, Le Cercle Rouge rare B1, Magnificent Seven, Harold and Maude etc.

On Horror/SciFi: 
Posters for 2001 – Cinerama 1sh (1968), It Came from Outer Space 1sh (3D, signed), Night of the Living Dead 1sheet, This Island Earth German, Blood Feast 1sh, Ilsa – She Wolf of the SS, Deep Red Italian 1p, Kill Baby Kill Italian 1p, Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors UK 1sh, several US lobby cards for good 50s titles and more.

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